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These are the water crossing photos from May 18th 2008 at the Timber Ridge Hare Scrambles Race.
All photos were taken by Randy Toy www.photographicaction.com
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I believe in what I do, and for that reason I am giving you the opportunity to view a much larger versions of my example photos that most photographers are not willing to show. I believe that seeing truly is believing. Granted I am not posting the original photo, I am however linking these photos to a large enough version of the original that you will be able to see more of the detail and quality in the photos that I take. It is important to know that even a bad photo can look good when it has been resized, hopefully by allowing you to view a much larger photo you will appreciate the quality. Please, I ask that you respect my website's and the photos within the pages of this website and all my other websites. Please do not use these photos for any reason other than viewing them. Please do not use these photos with out written consent from Randy Toy © www.racertoy.com thank you....

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