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It starts for them, as the day for us comes to an end. It’s in this time we come together as family and friends to join in a game, for the kids, the youth in play, still a favorite time of the day.
Kids at Play
Baseball for so many a dream that’s given to us as adults a great time in our history. In this game, on this day, we reach for the stars for them to see a moment of tomorrow in the hopes of a hero one becomes a super star, in this moment here our place in history however small today it might seem from a place as close as this field today, now as we watch them play. Its when tomorrow comes, it leaves us this memory. This is my place this is my part, this is my gift as this your Photographic Lifetime………

In a moment as a child’s eyes see, there is only this day, this time and this place. The ball and bat, through the dust and the dirt, the kids kick and play. Toss and slide as they let the wind blow it simply, yet away.

In a moment of time a mentor and coach, the parents say. A good time of fun for all it is to they, who stand proud as their kid makes a good play. One hits the ball clean and swift, as they swing away. Off they trot, simply strolling to first base with out a care in the world nothing could erase, only the satisfaction of getting to play here and now this day in this place.

Another takes their bat in hand, at home plate they stand, no strikes, no called outs, for the kids it’s more than winning and loosing, is a child’s chance to be something, something to their parents outside the home, to them a world away. A time to… Well a time just for them, with friends their age to play.

Trip fall and run anywayOh as we sit back and watch them stroll and roll, trip and fall, swing and miss, run or stay. In our minds we mingle and say. “That’s my kid I’m proud of today!” We offer them their good jobs and congratulations, the pats on the back and their treats in their pack, or the kind love in the mending of a scrape, pampering a bump or bruse, the wiping of a tear away. Then the gentle hug they as children give, that in a moment will change from a sobb to a cheer when we give them a soft loving wisper in the ear, of something they are yearning to hear. As then you say softly “Im So proud of you, for all you did today. Son you’re my hero now and forever. I had so much fun just watching you play as you do, I love you, yes I do!”
The crack od the bat as they swing

It’s then back to the game again, with the crack of the bat, they advance as one goes sliding in to score a run, when sliding in was just for fun. The ball out in the field, not even close, no where near as all they hear is clapping and the distant cheer. “Go..Go..Go!!” they once again have no fear.

The game finds it call, “Last Batter!” and the play goes with the bases full not a batter out, or a strike to call only the last hit of the ball. The base runners one and all start their final run as three of them come to cross home plate all at once with one player left in their way of scoring for the last time that day,

they dodge and weave jump and crawl, one might even trip and fall, as the dust settles the game is over, and the team comes together for their final cheer, their hands together as they shout as one, all at once it’s over now it’s done. They take the walk, shake hands as they talk, and the other teams hands they shake as a simple gesture and a way to thank them for joining in this game with them a day and a game of fun.
THey shake hands
For them each and every one, no outs or strikes to call no runs to count just the end of a game simple as it was, to them for them this from me is my gift and my joy to have apart of your Photographic Lifetime, as each and every one will be to you all a day remembered as it was, as it is and will always be now a piece of you history.
Thank you for inviting me.

Poem & Photos By Randy Toy
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