Up Whitesands Raceway 7-24-2010

Racertoy - Midwest Motocross

All Photos were taken by Randy Toy

Thank you Nate Urek and everyone at Whitesands Raceway for a great time. The track conditions were perfect from the start of the first moto to the finish of the final moto of the day!!

Hello Everyone this is Randy Toy . Yes it's been a while since I was able to come to the races and take photos for you all, It was a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy the photos I took on the 24th and look forward to seeing you all again at the races soon.

Here is a quick video I made from some of the video footage I shot at this
round or racing at Whitesands Raceway 2010
- Enjoy the video!

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1 - A Few of my Top Picks
2 - Practice Photos
3 - Crash Photos
4 - Track And Fans
Moto 1 Beginner
Moto 2 Lites A
Moto 3 Mini 7 to 11
Moto 4 Mini 12 to 14
Moto 5 Lites B
Moto 6 Lites c
Moto 7 Mini 10 to 11 and 7 to 9
Moto 8 Open Outlaw
Moto 9 Womens
Moto 10 Pitbike & PeeWee Open
Moto 11 Vet 30 & 40
Moto 12 Youth 16 and Under
Moto 13 Mini Mini Open
Moto 14 Open A
Moto 15 Open B
Moto 16 Open c
Moto 17 Super Mini

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