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Geoff Aaron Photos 2009
Whitesands Raceway 9-19-09
Whitesands Raceway 8-30-09
Pro Motocross Millville 09
3 Oaks Motocross 4-19-09
Logan Hillclimb 4-19-09
St Louis Supercross 3-21-09
Tulsa Arenacross 2-7-09
Pine Hill Mx July 6th 2008
MWTA-Trials Murry, Ne
Millville AMA Pro 2008
  Motorcycle Racing Review
  Arenacross Des Moines 2008
  Arenacross Kansas City 2008
  Arenacross Green Bay 2008
  HillClimb Logan Iowa 2008
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Lightning Photo UNO Clock Tower in Omaha

Wedding Photos Omaha Nebraska

I don't normally do weddings but on rare occasions I make an exception. For Ryan & Jackie I made such an exception. When searching for their Wedding Photographer in Omaha, Ne they Click on Image..... Click Here to View Wedding Photos

Suset Photo with Boat on the water
Train Tracks Sunset Photo
Click on Image above to view more new Nature Photos
Senior Photo Sample
Click On Above Photo to vier Senior Photo Samples - Click Here For Pricing
Snow on the Golf Course Photos 2009
Click Here to View All of the Valentines Day Photos taken 7:00am (2-15-09)
Here are a few Wedding Photos from Downtown Omaha, Ne June 2009
Wedding Photos - Downtown Omah, Ne.
CLICK HERE Photos from the Reverb Omaha

Recent Photos:
Nick & Lori Wedding Photos Click Here

Nick and Lori Wedding Photos 4-19-09

From Wedding Photos to family events and for a lifetime of those moments that make up our photographic lifetime, at Photographic Action and Photographic Lifetime, you will find that I do things a little different than most wedding photographers in Omaha, Ne. I am happy to display a larger portion of my photos and at a much larger size for viewing than most are willing to show. I believe in my work and love what I do, I put my artistic view into everything I do. Including Senior Photos, Graduation Photos, Engagement Photos, Wedding Photos, Family events, Youth Sports and so much more.
I would love to work for you in all the photographic moments that makeup who we are, as it all begins with a passion for something unique. M
y goal is to deliver that to every one of my clients.

Chad Reed WIns the 2009 St Louis Supercross - Click Here for more photos
Click On the photo above to view Photos from the 2009 St Louis Supercross Race. 450cc Main Event Photos - 250cc Lites Class Main Event Photos

For those of you that might not know what supercross is, to explain it a little it is best described by telling you all 3 kinds of professional dirt bike racing.
1) Supercross is Held inside a Football Stadium:
Avg Lap time for one lap 50 seconds
Also this is the The Highest Professional Level of indoor racing anywhere!

2) Motocross is held outdoors and the fans can get much closer to the track because there are not confined to a stadium
Avg Lap Time 2:30 minutes to make one lap
Motocross is where it all begins for kids and young adults but at the professional Level this is the race that kids want to be able to do when they grow up

3) Arenacross is held in small arenas where bands often play, like in the Omaha area the Quest Center is considered an arena.
Avg Lap Time 28seconds to make one lap.
This is still a professional event but it is considered to many as the stepping stone to supercross, this is where the young hopefuls get their start.

Travis Hodges Motocross Photos 2009

Motocross Photos During Practice

Want to sell your vehicle, Let me take photos of the vehicle you wish to sell.
Want to sell your vehicle, Let me take photos of the vehicle you wish to sell.
A good photo will go along way with people in the internet shopping for a used car.
Click On the Above photo to view more photos of this vehicle.

Tuf Racing Arenacross Bike Photos from Tulsa Arenacross Tuf Racing Arenacross Bike Photos from Tulsa Arenacross Tuf Racing Arenacross Bike Photos from Tulsa Arenacross
Thor Honda Tuf Racing is the premier team in the Arenacross Series, for the last several years Tuf Racing has been lead their rider to the National Title, in 2007 Danny Smith, In 2008 Chad Johnson and this year Title Hopeful Jeff Gibson, who is leading points after the Tulsa 2009 Arenacross Photos - Click Here
With the nations top Arenacross racers shooting to claim the 2009 season title, Rider # 1 Chad Johnson the Current Arenacross National Champion comes of a win the previous weekend in Greensboro, Nc seeking to get back on top of the points chase. Current series points leader Bike # 69Jeff Gibson riding for the Mahandra Tractors Thor Honda Tuf Racing Team comes to Tulsa looking to maintain the points lead, and his team mate Josh Demuth riding on bike # 15
claims a second in Tulsa to regain a few points. Click Here to view all the Photos from the 2009 Arenacross Race in Tulsa, Ok February 7th 2009.
Tulsa Arenacross Photos 2009

.......Photography has made it's way into the hands of everyone, now through the world of digital imagery, it has become more affordable than ever to to be your own photographer and have your precious moments captured in the blink of an eye......

........I believe it's that simple to get your every day photos, but when it comes to the little things, it's among these moments and between the lines that the average photo can and will miss. It's in that part of the story, the part that never makes it to the pages of our Photographic Life, that we all need completed. That is what I do and that is what I offer. Let me help you, or your business tell the story that is often missed or gone unnoticed until now.....

........My services include every step of your journey, either business or personal. My goal is to deliver the most professional quality craftsmanship at an affordable price.
.........I have spent my entire life wanting more, having lived my life behind the handlebars of a motorcycle. As an accomplished professional in the world of off-road racing I have learned how to be more aware of the little things. Let me help you s help you see them too....

Thank you for taking the time to view my website:
Randy Toy

Ryan Villopoto 2008 Spring Creek Classic Millville

The above photo is Ryan Villopoto in the first moto at the 2008 Spring Creek Classic in Millville, Mn. In the 1st moto Ryan ran away from the field to claim first place, And in the second moto Ryan Villopoto hit the dirt and had to fight to cliam second.

James Stewart Millville 2008 Motocross racing photo 2008
The above photo is a photo of James "Bubba" Stewart in route to claiming at the AMA Pro Motocross National title at the Millville Minnesota round in of August 2008.
Arenacross Photo from Des Moines Race 2008   30 Second Board Des Moines Arenacross 2008
It's my #1 reason why I am a photographer, I love racing and have raced motorcycles all my life, now I love to take photos at racing events. I enjoy being able to share with the world how exciting motorcycle racing really is. I am starting my 2nd year as a photographer and I love every second of it. I decided early this year that I needed to learn how to be a better photographer by taking photos of everything and take photos of different types and styles. I have learned allot in a few short years and have finally began to understand the how and why and am happy to share my website and my photos with you. I am pleased to display a much larger version of my photos than you see on other photography website's, and I do this so you can get a real sense of the true quality of work I have began to do. I don't consider myself the best and never will, only that I enjoy what I do and I hope that comes through to some of you. Please do not use any of the photos on my website for anything other than viewing.
Photo of For Ever Elizabeth Perfume Bottle & Cat   Photo of For Ever Elizabeth Perfume Bottle & Cat

I could not have planned this shot any better than it turned out. Fortunately for me the cat finally decided to take a look and when she did I was able to capture this cool photo.


Notice in the above photo how the shadow of the Bottle looks like an angel is holding the perfume. When I shot this photo I did not notice this until I was viewing the photos I had took to I thought is was a perfect photo to have featured on my home page for this time of year. "Merry Christmas to All"

Photo of Blue Christmas Tree   Photo of Cat and Christmas Tree
Photo of a 2005 Chevy Colorado 4 Door King Cab 2wd

The above photo is a photo i took of my truck while waiting to take photos for a client. I am partial to this photo myself because it's my truck and I like my truck so naturally I should like the photo. But this photo just has that something different that makes it a cool photo and that is why it is also featured on my home page.

Photo of Downtown Sidewalk Omaha 2008
The above photo is a simple photo of a sidewalk in the downtown Omaha. Off to the left is the Metal Slides that all the kids love to play on, and looking forward is 13th street intersection and crossing the street in the center if the photo is a squirrel. Sometimes there are little tphoto that give it somethinghat give it something special, maybe that squirrel was just trying to get in the shot, either way I hope you enjoy this photo.
Downtown Omaha Photo in the Fall of 2008
Sometimes we see things differently and the color of things seem to fade and the changing of the season is all we see. The fall is a time of year when we notice the beauty in the colors of the trees and tend to overlook the beauty that surrounds, to I edited this photo to hi light the both the color of the season and the simple elegance of the buildings.
Downown Omaha Photo
And as they say in photography, timing is color. This photo above I took at about 7:15 am on a saturday morning in Middle august 2008. THe sun had just crested over the buildings behind me to the east and the early morning sun's glow highlighted the buildings colors perfectly. And to add an effect I edited the photo from it's original version to include the mirror image. You can see the original version on my Nature and Landscape page
3D Photo Design
The above design is a Photo I took at a kids 5th birthday party, It was at a bowling alley and at the end of the party everyone signed a bowling pin to give the the birthday boy. Well when I was sorting the photos this photo just jumped out at me and before I knew it this is what I had. Sometimes a photo just wants to be something more than just a photo. <More>


James Bubba Stewart Photo Millville Motocross National 2008
Above is a Photo of James Stewart on his way to winning the 2008 AMA Pro Motocross National Title.
Photography by Randy Toy
Action Photography By Randy Toy

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Action Sports Photography - WHere the motion of action is captured


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  Motocross Photos 9-19-10  
  Here are photos from Whitesands Raceway midwest motocross in Ashland, Ne on September 19th 2010  
  Motocross Photos 8-15-10  
  Motocross Photos 7-24-10  

  Area News and Events  
  There is some exciting news in the world of motocross in the midwest. The long awaited opening day for the Abbott Sports Complex just outside Lincoln NE has finally arived. In 2011 they will team up with the Nebraska State Championship series for several rounds of racing at the new facility.

This motocross track has sparked intrest of racers in the Nebraska and Iowa area for more than 4 years. What has made this such a popular discussion in recent news is the closing of more than 7 tracks within the Omaha Area in the past 2 years, riders and racers only have a few tracks left to race and ride, and having a track of this caliber this close to Omaha is sure to drive more racers from Iowa. With winterset being pretty much the last track in Iowa within 2 hours of Omaha, the Abbott Sports Complex will also open the track to the ATV racers for not only races but for practice as well.

They will have a schedule for ATV practices and ATV races that will benefit everone and it looks to be a very promicing year for racing in the midwest.

For schedules and Midwest racing news visit www.racertoy.com



I believe in what I do, and for that reason I am giving you the opportunity to view much larger versions of my example photos than most photographers. I do not heavily watermark my photos with a large copyright logo because I do not want to ruin a good photo by covering it up. I place a small logo in a corner of the image and only ask that you do not remove or crop my images down removing my logo. I must ask that you respect my photos within the pages of this website and all my other websites.
© Please do not use these photos with out written consent from me Randy Toy © 2007
Monster Energy Card Girl
James Bubba Stewart Photo Millville Motocross National 2008
Photos from Whitesands Raceway 9-19-09 by PhotographicAction
Click Here to view photos from the Whitesands Raceway Motocross July 24th 2010
Click Here to view ATV Photos from Logan Iowa Hillvlimb 2010
Click Here to view Big Bike Photos from Logan Iowa Hillvlimb 2010
Whitesands Raceway Season Opener Motocross Photos from 4-11-10
Click Here to view Arenacross Photos 2010
Josh Demuth, Tyler Bowers and Jeff Gibson in Arenacross


Wedding Photos Omaha, Ne Baby Photos Youth Wrestling Photos - Omaha, Ne

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